Modern Long Skirts

tumblr_lhpaw0tLlb1qas7bxLong Skirts have a tendency of always leaning towards elegancy when worn for any occasion. It a major factor to any wardrobe for those women who seek to dress modestly. When wearing a long skirt many have to consider and keep in mind their body shape as you will need to wear a skirt which flatters your body. Search online or check out a few local high end stores for the type of long skirt you seek and try them on to see which look best on you. Also, consider those shops which carry a few styles and designs for a wider selection to choose from. The more the merrier of course. Finding a look that suits you is a key component, as this will accentuate your body leaving feeling confident and beautiful.  Some good places to pickup similar skirts, I would try Orchid Dreams, Yandy or forever21.

There are a few styles of long skirts which exist and they are as follow:

A full long Skirt which works great on a tall medium individual. For a petite individual the fullness of the skirt might be overwhelming and might not look proper. These types of skirts work great when the warm weather steers your way. For a causial look, you can opt for chunky jewelry and sandals. You can find these skirts in plain or printed form. An A line skirt is suitable for pretty much everyone and anyone. This type of skirt can be worn with a blouse or jacket for an elegant finish. Top off such a look with high heels and a lovely scarf. Keep in mind when matching your top and bottom, if your skirt is plain then you can wear a printed top and vice versa. This will ensure that you do not look too over the top, keeping modesty in check. The ruffled skirt is another type which works great on slim figures. If you are on the bigger side then perhaps you should stay clear of this skirt as it will make you look much larger. So at this point, it wouldn’t be suitable. This type of skirt requires a top that is more on the plain side. Wear with mules or your favorite slip ons for a fantastic look.longskirt1

As a rule of thumb, always remember to keep your look feminine and modest. So your jewelry and shoes of choice should work with your ensemble. So do some research and figure out which Styles of Long Skirts best suit your body type accenutating your overall look even more.